I guess it’s time to do a full review of my favorite figure in my collection (I only have about 10 figures or so). ^^; This review features Iroha from Samurai Spirits. For some reason, sculptors were really fond of Iroha recently, with so many Iroha figures being released lately and some on preorders this year as well. This Iroha version however, has caught my attention with her attractive and dynamic pose, which could only be appreciated in a Resin kit. She is also released in PVC as well, but would most likely start to lean really fast. With this said, click “continue reading” to view the rest of the review.

Also, this post will also introduce a new style of photography for me, but is still not good enough compared to some of the pictures I’ve seen on the other blogs.

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There will also be new photos of Rider from the Rider review. You can see the difference of the photos by using the light box method and adding 2 more light sources.

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I normally don’t like Rider that much in the anime, but this figure has shown her beauty in a bikini, which caused my conscious, subconscious, and unconscious feelings to get this at all costs.

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I haven’t been managing this weblog for quite some time now, but starting today, I’m picking up on the activity of this weblog. ^^;

Sorry to have kept those who have been frequenting this site waiting. I sincerely apologize for that.

EDIT: Also, there will be a new merchandise section coming up.  Please look forward to it. ^^

Aphrodite Rei

Nothing new here, I’m just testing the new photography style. ^^; It seems that a white background can strengten the contrast and focus of the figure a lot. I’m currently using only my cell phone for all these pictures posted. I assume that using my Canon camera to take these pictures would produce better results than the current ones.


Air Gear Resin kit of Simca

I just recently bought this Air Gear kit from my local store. This is a 1/6 resin recast kit painted by “somebody”. ^^; Apparantly, my local store has a supplier that buys the resin kits and then paint them, so this Simca kit isn’t by any means official.

Simca’s hair is actually light pink instead of the dark pink you see in this kit. I guess the builder preferred dark pink over light pink. Anyways, I assume this was the reason why I got such a big discount when I bought it. ^^; Also, believe it or not, the kit won’t fall off of the base. I thought it would definitely fall with a pose like that, but it’s pretty sturdy. Fortunately, this is a resin kit instead of a PVC kit – otherwise she will start bending/leaning very very soon. ^^;

Edit: I’ve removed the previous pictures of Simca and added the new pictures of this kit. This different photography style seems to produce much better results. ^^;

Santa Asuka recieved

I recently went on a hunt for Asuka related merchandises on ebay, and to my surprise, I found this Santa Asuka. It was a Buy It Now for US$25 with a Best Offer option as well. At first, I was thinking that this figure is a fake since the retail price on HLJ is 6800yen, which is roughly US$68. Then I checked out the seller’s store and realized that this is the only anime figure that he’s selling, and obviously, the seller doesn’t know the exact value of this figure. So I gave him my best offer of US$20 and he accepted. ^^; So the total I paid including shipping was $27, which is roughly 1/3 of the price in HLJ. I was worried about whether this would be a fake or not, but fortunately, the box has the GAINAX sticker on it, so I’m saved. ^^;

Here are some pictures of Santa Asuka.

Edit: Took out a few pics and added more pictures of Asuka.  This photography style seems to produce better results. ^^;


New User

Hello, welcome to my weblog.

Currently, there isn’t anything here yet, and this is only a post to test things out as well. Hopefully I will get used to this soon.